Refreshing Glory International Church Worldwide Inc otherwise known as RGIC Worldwide Inc

is a Pentecostal and Charismatic denomination with over 40 churches in its network of churches across 10 countries in 3 continents and founded by Bishop Dan McKing. Refreshing Glory International Church is ordained by God to raise Kingdom Generals.

RGIC Worldwide Inc was conceived by the then Pastor Dan McKing in 2004 while he was praying one of his usual long hours of intercession under a tree in Tema Accra – Ghana. He believed the Lord said to him “Arise and go raise Me Kingdom Generals”. Then he heard this words audibly, International… Refreshing… Glory… Church with these scriptures 2Corinthians 3:5-18 and Acts 3:19. He later saw the connections between the name of the church and the scripture references as he went back home to study the passages.

Raising Kingdom Generals

Not understanding how to arrange the words well and his fear that some church might already have a vision similar to “raising kingdom generals”, he decided to rewrite the vision as raising God’s giants. But in 2014, after the existence of the church for about six years God spoke to him again to revert back to what he heard in 2004. So the vision became what God intended it to be from the beginning, “RAISING KINGDOM GENERALS” till today!

But as for the name of the ministry, it has not changed since inception. It has always remained REFRESHING GLORY INTERNATIONAL CHURCH. After much praying and waiting on the Lord and on March 9th 2008 at about 9AM, the then Rev. Dan McKing gathered five people who believed God had spoken to him together and declared the church opened. Today, two of those five people are now National Coordinators of the ministry while others are also notable leaders.

Bishop Dan McKing constantly speaks passionately about the Lord Jesus, His Holy Spirit, Faith and Missions among other things with incontestable signs and wonders following his ministry today. He is indeed a living proof that God confirms his word to those that believe Him and that He truly rewards those that diligently seek him!